Dueling Wars servers ? ( Duel server mix with objective )

  • Hi all,

    I tried my first duel server today and im pretty positive on never playing any other way, as I liked it to much. Though I would really want to take advantage of other game mode rather than only Free For All.

    I cant create server, and I dont know how this work. Though I think someone should create a Duel server on a team objective mode.

    Instead of people having to challenge their opponents by pressing “C” they would simply engage whoever, but one on one. (I think this type of play could work better with last team standing and Team Objective) People could fight close to each other and accidently hit the guy beside, or they could try to engage a bit further, it dont really matter. As long as they keep the one vs one Rules Of Engagement.

    I think it could bring us closer to experience a medieval battle were Knights would meet up and engage in Epic Honorable Battle ( this actually happens during the medieval ages ) Wheter they were figting one on one , I dont know. I would presume it would be a lot of one on one clash during a battle.

    So thats basically my Idea, Dueling servers doing Team Objective or Last Team Standing. Removing having to challenge and opponent and just try to take the first swing ( as it was probably the case during a battle ) and keeping it to 1 vs 1 only.


  • Im just bumping this thread, in the hope that someone see’s it and decide to create one or to give his opinion on the subject.

  • Yesterday I was in a 6 vs 6 LTS. And we were doing duels. We did the challenge system in order to engage. It was pretty fun. This works in smaller games, so give it a shot. Suggest duels only. If majority is on board, just votekick the people trying to derail what the majority wants. I had a great time. I also went 16-1 8-)

  • There are already LTS duel servers, though not as many. It makes dying really hurt, and makes the combat much more intense.

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