🛡Favorite Rivalries🛡

  • What was your favorite rivalry to be apart of or follow in Chivs history??? 🤔

  • You would think ATOMvsSDS would be my favorite one but nope. My favorite one is SDSvsHOG 360. That rivalry was fo real.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight Atom vs HOG

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight I remember getting vote kicked everytime I joined an LTS lobby every time I joined one by a group of HOG members

  • @Tatonix Yeah man you had to be a G in order to survive those days.😎

  • Banned

    Bennie vs Every Pub TO

  • Definitely Plebs vs AST had to be my favourite rivalry of Chivalry. I didn’t see much action on 360 for myself at least.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Sorry Cake, I gotta disagree. Plebs vs AST was fun but the actual pub war was cut short when Iza went running back to you like a lil bitch, the TGL + KR vs AST war was much larger and takes my personal favourite rivalry place! Sorry NewAge, we really don’t know much about NA rivalries…

  • @TheKnightOfIsla O believe me I remember every single rivalry lol

  • Team Senpai Dash, Digital Galaxy, Gucciguwop, and Riverjet VS Everyone

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight I wish I could have partook in some, Chivalry​ rivalries are one of the best and worst things about this game lol

  • @TheKnightOfIsla That’s why it was fun xD but I knew someone would disagree…

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Not gonna lie. AST vs TGL was mental.

    We’d take over each server on LTS and it would be hours of TGL vs AST. and any noobs to get caught inbetween was slaughtered unless they chose a side. Most Non clan just downright rage quit in frustration.

    God, those days was awesome though!!!

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Yeah, gotta admit though, the rivalry on the forums was pretty intense between us, unlike with TGL + KR where it was all in public matches or xbox parties and messages

  • We NEED to bring back LTS on EU servers. thats all i played until no one else did and then it died :(

    Now i play FFA because it’s only place i can chill and duel.

  • I preferred LTS because people actually dueled and don’t sit there and do nothing the entire time.

  • @Tatonix Exactly! Everyone had to fight or die.

  • we need east back 😑

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight said in 🛡Favorite Rivalries🛡:

    You would think ATOMvsSDS would be my favorite one but nope. My favorite one is SDSvsHOG 360. That rivalry was fo real.

    Bible post ahead, cause I remember SDS 360 so clearly XD

    Hog feud on 360 wasn’t fun to me tbh. I’ll explain:

    Reborn never fought fair. He would punk out on wars, have his squad find and gank us one by one, and when it came time for an ass beating he’d hide behind Hero Emperor or one of his goons…

    I had called him out multiple times to stop acting like bitch and fight me (and to my shame I barely lost in a duel when he did finally step up)

    It took months of feuding on the forums and head hunting back and forth between SDS and HOG till they decided to take their bullshit to ps4.

    Now OG ATOM, that was a feud I would go back in time to have again…

    My favorite cause despite the years long “d*ck comparing contest” in a manner of speaking, we always had good wars.

    We trained hard and dedicated our chiv careers to finally beating ATOM.

    SDS had a solid goal and purpose; crush our rival. And because of this we had awesome practices and scrims, and a massive player arms race (who could recruit the best people) which caused expansion of the player base. Both clans were the engine that fueled console comp chiv at its peak.

    I had a few friends in ATOM, so despite the rivalry there was always some measure of mutual respect. Of course things did get salty from time to time, but as they say: the two biggest kids on the playground are gonna scrap eventally.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz

    yeah lol those were the days.

    I still remember that very well as thats around the time I joined sds. Reborn kept asking me to join him but I never did. Hated his attitude, cool guy and all when he isn’t talking shit but I never could figure him out.

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