Max ping var?

  • Hello there,

    Is there any variable to put in the ini server files to set a ping limit and if player gets over this limit, player gets kicked.

  • I’m interested in this also. Anyone have any ideas on this, or if it has been implemented yet?

  • I would also be interesed in such a feature, isn’t there any way unreal engine can deal with this by default?
    Sometimes there are players with a latency permanently above 500ms on my server.

  • Yeah this is highly needed. Where is the support team for this game ? It’s like it’s non existent.

  • There is and it doesn’t work……

    Like much of the 671 vars in the PCServer-UDKGame.ini many are redudnant, don’t work and are a complete pain in the as to find any of them. I don’t even know where the ban list is… I just don’t understand why they didn’t break up the cvars into Server.ini, admin.ini. maplist.ini and plugins.ini There is so much of this that is fail and beyond frustrating. This is not even mentioning the fact that most changes to the server cannot be made in game. If you do make a change you have to restart your server, this includes putting a freaking password on the game for practices. Seriously, did these guys not take any lessons for HL2 server set up and configs?

  • @Retsnom:

    There is and it doesn’t work……

    Interesting, did you test both settings in [AOC.AOCGame] and [AOC.AOCEntry] (not to mention [AOC.AOCTeamObjective] and [AOC.AOCTD]) ?

    Default Values seem to be zero (disabled?).

  • You shouldn’t have to put the same cvar in six different places to get it to work. I am not even sure if the cvar even works correctly in the first place. It is listed in the PCServer-UDKGame.ini and as far as I have been able to get anything to work it has been from that file. I would love to be able to have all the maps available without putting them in the maplist= Bullshit. I am beyond frustrated with this game and the server set.

  • Of Course this way of configuring a server is very messy, especially without any real documentation. Hopefully there will be a patch soon.
    But let’s stay on topic here - can you confirm that neither of theese settings is working for you?

  • I am hoping they will make a little interface like the Battlefield 2 servers use to have that has tabs with check boxes which make it really easy to configure a server. Just a thought :P

  • Any progress of this?

  • So this have been implemented in the last patch right ? Does anyone know how it works ?

    iPingThresholdHitBeforeKick=2 (tried 3/4)
    iSecondsToKickForPingLimit=10 (tried 30/60)

    I would appreciate any help - that is how it is set on serwers now but it doesn’t work, tried many diffrend configs non of them works. Players with ping above 200 are a pain in the ass…

    Oslo after the patch the our servers are gone from the server browser, they are up and running and many players connect to them directly via open command and they are populated but no new players any ideas what to do ? The files were not changed in any way besides the pinglimit/archerlimit/autobalance - after the changes and restart the servers are gone from the browser.

  • Yeah I have tried it as well and it still seems to not work. As far as the servers not showing up, I have had the same thing happen. I can connect directly to the server through the OPEN IP address. But many times the server doesnt show up unless someone is in the server even though the filters are set to show all servers. I am guessing it has something to do with that filter that is buggy. The server menu is still very wonky as if you Alt/tab out of game while you are looking at the server list, when you come back it is black and you have to restart the game to get it working again. Also the server details can still be inaccurate at times.

    Ain’t nobody time for that.


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