Plea to all operators

  • Please avoid changing game mode on each map rotation.

    It is very frustrating to join a Team Objective to play teamplay & smart. Then be moved on Deathmatch after a map change.

    And if you want variety, please try to specialize your server in certain game mode or play style (Last Team Standing & Team Objective go well together, or Team Deathmatch & King of The hill are well together too)

    Cheer !

  • There are numerous servers that specify in the server name what type of maps the rotation holds, particularly official servers of which there are at least a dozen team objective servers.

  • Bluefang runs three 64 player servers and each are running specific gamemodes. LTS, TDM, and TO one for each server. Type bluefang in your server name filter.

  • good idea

  • Other hand some folks like the rotation :), better server titling would be the best option

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