Feed back two days before the final release !?

  • Thing that I liked:

    1- Good objectives mode
    This kind of objective kill system is very clear, even if I miss the self-challenge of each chivalry map but I do like this news system. This point count is more integrates into the game’s competitive scoring…

    2- All the different characters are fun to play
    Even if some have not my preference like the Vigilist or the Entropist… I see some people kick my ass with them so the game look fair…

    3- Map diversity and the universe
    Really a travel, each map has his own personality with cultural links between the objective one the team death-match one and the CP/CF one… The fact that you made wild life is really cool too even if it’s just some details into the maps.

    The little things that I have to say

    1- The team balancing is mandatory for the game to be fun
    The game is quickly frustrating when the team are not balance, it’s even harder in an objective mod but I have no doubt it will be deal soon or add on the server…

    2- The door point in the objectives mode
    During almost all the objectives maps there is a door to capture, the defender cannot spawn need to kill 32 opponents, could you make something to make this objective more useful? Like letting people spawned defend the objective…

    3- Maybe more introduction about the kingdom story into the game
    I would like to see more inside the game, about the two different side, I know you write two page about the lore but still… It would be cool to see some propaganda of the Azar Cabal and the Bashrahn Emirate…

    Thing that will make me happy to see

    1- Use some part of the old chivalry objective system
    The kings end of map was really a unique and good features; Inside Mirage it could create something fun like double class Heroes like a Taurant Alchemancer defender of the Academy, or a Tinker Vypress engineer in chef of the cabal Many lore can be add with those kind of boss or half boss depending of their life they could be single or double to protect an objective during the game (like the door that are useless =P) …

    2- Tinker throw out the map ennemies with her whip
    I really like this class, but the whip would be funnier if the last second give us the possibility to throw out of the map enemies. With a stun bonus if used with the jumping kick. This will add a real contextual help that feat with a class not heavily powerful in this abilities settings…

    3- Sport Duel mode (3vs 3//6vs6?) no damage
    Something between the Quidditch and Maya Ball type of game, maybe not all the class feat to this mode but it could add a new cultural exotic element, with maybe one or two circle goal of each side and one on the middle of the map for the “Golden Snitch “with different goal depending of the map.
    Preset of abilities with some change to make lose the ball, stole it or even shoot is the only thing required to make this happen…

    I know that’s a lot to ask just the week end before the release of the game !
    It’s my way to say thank you for this new universe and give hope for the future of this game ! 0=P

  • @poissonchat Thanks for the feedback!

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