Getting Weapons

  • I have a question about chivalry medievel warfare. What i really want to ask is how to get new weapons for example when we are creating games, we choose teams Mason or Agatha. If i choose Mason as knight but i can only use the longsword and the axe. Then there are two more weapons that are stronger than the previous weapons. Then we also see nearby weapons with 25 on them and the other with locker signs. Basically i want to ask all the players about how we can unlock those weapons and what does 25 on the locks weapons depict?

  • You get them by killing people, they are not necessarily better but alternates. Save for some balancing issues.

    I think there is a common problem today though, no one seems to be able to unlock weapons.

  • Yes, there is a bug with unlocks not tracking properly at times. There should be a fix out soon.

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