Mirage Changelog - Game Launch

  • Mirage has finally arrived!
    Since our Open Beta, we have been focused on resolving performance and crashes.
    We now have stable servers & clients, and all maps and game modes are available!

    0_1495559541296_general gr.jpg


    • All maps and modes are available
    • Team Objective
      • Academy
      • Bazaar
      • Ravine
    • Capture Point
      • Bridge
      • Mirrors
      • RockBottom
      • SunkenCity
    • Capture the Flag
      • Bridge
      • Courtyard
      • Drydock
      • Lighthouse
    • Pushable/Escort
      • Courtyard
      • Drydock
      • Lighthouse
    • Team Deathmatch
      • Bridge
      • Courtyard
      • Drydock
      • FalconRidge
      • Mirrors
      • SunkenCity
      • RockBottom
    • Arena
      • BloodMoon
      • CellBlock
      • Spire
      • StormDrain
      • Tunnel
      • WishingWell

    Special Edition Gear Pack requires you to join a server before you receive these items

    0_1495559553110_pink bug fixes.jpg


    • Server performance
    • Crash fixes
    • Textures may not load in customization
    • Alchemancer melee will no longer be missing his sword if you have changed his bracer in customization
    • Arenas - if all players on a team leave the server the match will now resume when more players join
    • Improved item load time in the customization menu
    • Characters skin no longer shows as gray in customization
    • Left dodge jumps now play the correct animation

    0_1495559569125_ktur known.jpg

    Known Issues

    • AMD GPU drivers may crash (recommended turning down display settings, gore, ragdolls and blood if you’re affected)
    • Ribbon particles may not always display
    • Gore mesh or customization items may appear to stretch on death and dismemberment
    • Restore Defaults button missing from Keybind menu (delete the game.ini file located in C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Local\TBL\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor to default keybinds)
    • Items may take some time to load in the customization menu
    • Items may take some time to load when spawning for the first time
    • Tinker Mines and Obelisk may disappear unexpectedly
    • Camera may appear to be under the map when first loading into a match
    • Dismissing a resolution change will not revert your display settings to previous selection
    • Bones of the Bygone Helmet displays the incorrect thumbnail image in the Customization menu for Vigilist but shows correctly

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