Range Running: A (Not So) Brief History

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    The very definition of range running has not yet been determined unamimously by the Flora and Fauna of the console community; some have called it “Cancer”, “Gitting Gud”, “Skill”, “Scummy” etc…

    This playstyle is best described in the technical term: as is the act of running away from an opponent in order to bait them into a chase, and immediately turn around and slash them.

    This technique can be used with practically any melee weapon of any class, but is found to be most effective when coupled with a Messer or Zweihander.

    To better understand this playstyle, we will be going back in time to see past applications and using present examples as well.

    360 – Range Running In Infancy:

    Most critics of this style would most likely claim that it is a bigger problem on the One than it was on 360, but the fact is that it had existed around mid 2014, when such techniques such as feinting was considered a taboo (To some it still is).

    From what I have gathered, this technique was used to troll players online, and to kill multiple players in the 360 period, when there were at least 10,000 players (according to the old leaderboards) total, and at least 1,000 active players a day.

    The birth of this style here made sense; pub lobbies, whether it be TDM or FFA were almost always filled, competitive chivalry was in its adolesence…

    The popularity of the game on console required a player to stay alive and kill as many as possible or be overwhelmed by a very large enemy team. Range Running fufilled that need for some.

    On this port, it was vanguard mains that dominated its use — it was not uncommon to see vanguards in ffa running away from multiple players only to turn around surprise them a charge attack.

    However as 2015 came, the player base began shrinking, and the experienced and clan-indoctrinated ruled the pub lobbies, weeding out the noobs.

    They had experience cutting down vanguard rangerunners before; messers, longswords, and other weapons became the primary tools for dealing with them.

    These agile vanguards weren’t equipped for 1v1 combat with veteran knights, and by the end of the year, 360 rangerunning was no more.

    XB1 – The Reprisal:

    When XB1 came, the player base was part way restored and large teams were going at it again in pub lobbies. The rangerunning returned also, again because of the need for survival and mass slaughter.

    I estimate that it was at this time that rangerunners traded in their vanguards for messers, realizing their effectiveness against less mobile opponents.

    You see…most vets of 360 where used to fighting with knights in 1v1 cqc, because thats when dueling became popular. But when the rangerunners got their hands on messer knights, all hell broke loose, and very few were able to stand against this technique…


    It has become a common phenomena that chivalry players will recognize a newer, better technique and adapt in order to survive—it is the fact that very few could destroy rangerunners outright that it has become so popular to this day, to a point where entire clans are taught to use it as a primary playstyle.

    Rangerunners in popular culture/applications of rangerunning

    Norcaldinsky - SDS OG and Rangerunner pioneer One of the first players to use it as a primary style on 360.

    Hero Emperor - One of the OG ATOM founders, one of the most hated players on console. Rangerunner pioneer.

    General Gatelo - Founder of the “Git Gud” Dojo, first example of a rangerunner getting a kendo ace.

    King Midas - Leader of GOW, one of the most hated players on console.

    Love evoL - FFA Stomper.

    HTP Sonarz - 360 troll, Maa rangerunner

    Got Boombox - 360 troll, Archer rangerunner

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    @Hoplite-x-Viz tbh I think your definition is too specific, range running is simply the act of running out of someone’s range

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz it’s a mental disorder not a play style

  • @epickillmaster honestly its not just that, in truth Range running is actually called zoning, which is a technical term in a plethora of fighting games.

    I mean the fact is there’s two ways to avoid absolute damage. Either parry it, or avoid it somehow… Be that jumping, ducking, lookup up, moving to your right or left, backwards etc.

    It takes a lot of skill to master because imitators get rekt when they try and out rangerun me being that they lack the muscle memory and game sense I have.

    Honestly, range run has been a term I’ve always held spite against for its too, like Epic stated, small and isn’t good for something as broad as movement in the game.

    In conclusion zoning is a necessary part of the game and everyone does it. Even Space cake runs back away from the enemy when he misparries or something. The console meta isn’t the same as PC meta.

  • @GeneralGatelo I run away when I fuck up xD

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    @GeneralGatelo translation: range running includes jumping and blocking along with running out of someone’s range

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    A vital part…maybe…but when i see a lil wussy wiener run away after his messer didnt connect then 20ft down just turns around and swings at nothing expecting me to be there…they need to contract aids, ASAP

  • @PeedOnMyRugMan i think its K. Just a way for them to get the edge in stamina over you if thats what They’re aiming for.

  • I’m late to this thread but truth is plain and simple the console port of this game favors 3rd person playstyles. I’ve switched to a 1st person main but I still find myself going back to 3rd person in situations where I HAVE to win. You can’t blame people for figuring out what’s overpowered in the game and using it. It’s META

  • @GalliusYEET calm down

  • @MaHarold No u

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