Problems & problems pre purchase agreements not met + no servers

  • From steam
    I would have though giving your self just 1 day before such an important even was
    very poor planning tbh, considering 2 plus years to get here - Esp when you mention
    the evening before it was ok

    Also what about those
    Mirage Special Edition buyers who found out skins or hats are actually available to
    everyone not just them - I might add also the promised Full copy of Chivalry for
    them to be included in the pre purchase of Special Edition ? I actually have that
    description going back to last October yet no sigh of that in my Inventory today
    after game official release.

    You seem to think it’s quite acceptable to play about with peoples purchases, bad planning
    plus misleading descriptions, let alone this aloof & apathetic attitude you seem to have
    at least got down to a T. Does this attitude filter down from the Top as it would surprise
    many people or perhaps it wouldn’t . If I was the said boss of an outfit like this tbh
    the entertainment value would be 0. He must be a very patient man and a saint not to
    cull heads and filter out the utter badly played scenario of this situation .

  • It won’t deter me from enjoying my purchase tbh so below is my long term plan of strategy:

    Just for the scribes, having spent over 100 hours in beta as alchemancer I have
    decided not to rush in now and play the officila pre purchase editoin simply because
    they are intending to have a system to put you on servers with similiar skilled players.

    So by wating until that happens to be in place I can gradually move in and play
    untrestricted as a new player. it does seem silly to rank up fast now before the
    larger community is established to find oneself excluded from playing anybody
    but the same old players you met in game release. A stragety if you will of waiting.
    As the game show’s me as a Rank 1. It might be useful also avoiding the taurant knight
    trolls and early farmers of noobs tbh

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