Mirage Launch - Known Issues

  • Developer

    Mirage is now out and playable, with working servers available across every major territory worldwide! Our team of 27 people are so proud of the hard work and sweat (lots of sweat, it’s been very hot in our studio) that was poured into Mirage during 3 years of constant development.

    We are working to fix some non-critical known bugs in patches in the coming weeks, with the first patch planned for next week in which we plan to address the below issues.

    Known issues

    • “Recent” server browser filters do not show servers you’ve been in
    • Characters are loading without hair or attachments in customization
    • Server crash related to customization items
    • Low repro client crash on booting the game
    • Vote kick math sometimes allows kicks to occur with too few players
    • Voice messages will show up in the in-game chat feed if chat is disabled
    • Healing Well does not grant experience to the owner
    • End of match epic music will play multiple songs at the same time
    • Restore Defaults button is missing from Keybind menu (delete the game.ini file located in C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Local\TBL\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor to default keybinds)
    • Tinker Mines and Obelisk may disappear unexpectedly after being cast
    • Players will see under the map when first loading into a match
    • Dismissing a resolution change will not revert your display settings to previous selection

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