Unknown Lag Issues

  • Hi guys, been working through a few issues with the dedicated servers I run. I’ve been through all known fixes but I’m still not too sure what’s going on. Basically, the server experiences very short periods where there is no connectivity at all, micro dc’s as it were. This creates the illusion in game of players teleporting around. I have checked the server’s response speed as well as it’s time to process a frame, both of which are well within acceptable bounds. I’ve done a full diagnostic on the server box, and there are no port conflicts, each UDK has it’s on core and there’s plenty of RAM. My bandwidth is barely scratched by the multiple servers even when full.

    Basically I’ve run out of idea’s, anyone got some? This has only started happening recently, and I have no idea why.

  • Are they being run out of a data center, or on a home connection? I’ve noticed that a lot of household-brand routers can’t handle large numbers of simultaneous connections for extended periods of time. It hasn’t happened to me on Chivalry, but previous servers that I ran out of my house had similar problems which disappeared once I upgraded to a Cisco SMB router.

  • Full server operator, I have full 1gb/s bandwidth. So that isn’t the problem

  • Hi :)

    what OS are U using to host your server ?

    I was able to sort out the lag issues we were facing on our commity server using a VM running windows xp 32bits…. any OS newer than XP (32bits, didn’t gave a chance to win xp x64) resulted in high latency, clients lag and so on… I guess linux servers hosted through wine aren’t affected by these issues but I’d like some feedback on this statement

    don’t know if devs are working on this issues, but maybe my post will point on something usefull…

    fyi, I’m running a 20 slots community NS2 server (a much more CPU intensive game server) on the same host without any issues so far…

  • I can confirm that I haven’t seen this issue on any of my Linux boxes. Haven’t personally tried any Windows OSs.

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