Mirage must support sli then due to my demo weeks ago

  • My last Mirage demo was infact running Two GTX 690’s in Sli .
    A person commented on my demo yesterday how did I manage to run it on Sli?
    then I find out it doesn’t support sli but the opening screen was very improved on the GTX690’s in sli
    which them selves are dual gpu cards also. I have to conclude that the game infact does support sli
    The video was the proof of that. The maps look fine and deep plus it might be old card but it keeps up
    with the gtx 980 on its own a fact. What I ended up with was 3 way sli across Two GTX690’s by settings.

    I will reinsert the cards next week and see if any settings allowed this as mine were changed about at that time.
    unless somebody else disproves it I would suggest it might be ok to add Sli capable to the Steam game page tbh.

  • @Wilt if it works, it’s by UE4’s default settings; we have done no official testing of SLI yet.

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