Unplayable on above average system requirements

  • Bought the game today, quickly realised its way to choppy/laggy to play. very low fps.

    My system specs:


    anyone? :?

  • Hey Trinity91,

    do you have the latest update for your drivers especially graphic driver?

    Latest Nvidia Driver

    for the sake of completeness:

    Direct X Web-Installer

    Nevertheless, notebook hardware is usually lower than PC’s hardware. So try for yourself which settings works best for you by reducing the video options under configurations…

  • hello, thank you for replying!

    I believe my drivers are pretty updated yes as this laptop is no more then 8 months old and i can run battlefield 3 on ultra setting with smooth gameplay.
    Is there a specific driver for chivalry?
    (i’m not a pc expert sorry)

  • Your system specs seem high enough to run the game easily on moderate to high settings.

    So i have to ask, are you playing on a server located in your country?

    I live in Australia and connecting to US servers makes the game unplayable. If you aren’t already, try sorting the servers by ping and connecting to the lowest ping server.

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