• Okay tornBanner let’s go already you need advertisement. How do you release a game with zero marketing whatsoever. You can’t say posting a link on chivalry was marketing because it’s not. Hell I mean it didn’t even show up on Steam that it was a new release and it still hasn’t. I mean if you want your game to fail and then do zero marketing and only have 200 people on release day. Because that’s what you’re doing right now. So your only option right now is to do a free weekend just a week after release.

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    @whitewolf090 if they created a chiv 2 it would have sold without marketing, Like who would know the name mirage, chiv was very big in its prime and seriously needs a reboot

  • @Addyboo419 yes if chivalry or number 2 has the melee combat like Mirage it would be great. Chivalry got out of control with the reverse back swing point of contact is way too small. Full damage after your swing was done with a drag was dumb. The daggers were out of control you can only block once and you knew you were going to get stabbed very had to move out of the way. The Perry effects were way too slow. But Mirage now has no population to it because of no marketing or advertising

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    @whitewolf090 couldn’t agree more, chivalry is also a very well known name as many people played it, while mirage is completely knew and with no advertising it isn’t very successful either, they need to up their game and listen to the community and take them more seriously. With mordhau coming out the only thing that could honestly compete with it is chivalry 2, definitely not mirage.

  • @whitewolf090 said in Advertisement:

    you can’t say posting a link on chivalry was marketing because it’s not.

    We did considerably more than just this.

    Hell I mean it didn’t even show up on Steam that it was a new release and it still hasn’t.

    It was on the Steam front page for a couple days.

    We are working on more at the moment.

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  • @Reithur @Reithur Well if you did more I’m sure people would like to see it. I literally never seen any advertisement other than the little post on the main menu of chivalry. You say it was on steams page for the first few days? Sorry but it wasn’t and it’s still not. Steam has a list of new releases you’re not on it and you haven’t been. I have been on three other people’s PC’s and nothing showed up. Usually any new released is front page on Steam. I flipped through it for days Mirage never showed up. Not trying to be rude but I know all this because I checked for days. Because it baffled me that it wouldn’t be on there. Then l looked all over for advertisement and I found nothing but a few of YouTube videos of classes. Still not advertising just giving us info. A free weekend might bringing another hundred people at least. Because right now no one even knows about this game. The people I got to buy it love it. But I hope everything works out and you guys have a plan to bring more people.

  • They did a lot of advertising tbh plus travelling to events, Every video and event was mentioned in the group on steam
    going back to last April. They had developer diaries on line plus plenty of attended events ie pax plus more.
    It was the bottle neck that effected this on release ie steam server problems which didn’t help a new online player
    game only on it’s day of release tbh.

  • @Wilt I wouldn’t say a lot of advertising because they didn’t. Even if they went to all the events most people don’t or they don’t follow that stuff. Then the steam group that’s nothing, to me that’s the same thing as posting that link on chiv not a good move. The bottle neck on release was very small that didn’t affect pop if that was the case where are they now. They never came and still haven’t the max pop for the game was at 200 the other day. So even with that bottle neck that just shows you no one bought the game. They need real advertising get plugs with youtubers make videos they had old videos showing classes that’s it. Then like i said before the day it came out it didn’t even show up on steams front page like every game does. They need a free weekend and get the word out everyone i talk to has never heard of it. They didn’t hype it up the week before release. The game is soooooooooooo great i just need more people no one beats me hahahha

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    Tbh if I never got the forums I wouldn’t have heard of the game at all

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    @whitewolf090 said in Advertisement:

    They need real advertising get plugs with youtubers make videos

    Yeah, they did this.
    How exactly does one advertise a game these days? I honestly have no idea.

  • @Skindiacus advertise on popular sites such as Reddit and . . .9gag. . . where adverts are cheaper and a ton of people will see them. On Reddit you can target specific subreddits such as Games and Gaming.

  • @Skindiacus If they did that then it was with the wrong people. No one knows of this game no one. Their pre-order sales should have showed them people weren’t buying it. Go look up any advertising the only ones I can find are old as shit. I mean the max population hasn’t hit over 200 people. It’s not because it’s a bad game its great but people need to know it’s out.

  • @Addyboo419 Yeah because their was no word of the game. Posting something on the main page of your old game didn’t help. Why? Because they wanted chiv 2 not magic. I love both games buy if they don’t do something quick the game is done for

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    @whitewolf090 it also didn’t help because not many people even play chiv anymore, and people who say the ad on chiv were fans of it not some random magic game. Props to TB for being bold and trying something knew but they should have listened to the community first until they got big enough.

    They’re small enough as it is, they should have listened to the community and made chiv 2 and once they were bigger they could’ve made a daring attempt like this at a knew game because they would already have a rep. Everyone’s complaining about how they didn’t listen to the community and they ignore us and I 100% agree, but now they’ll pay for their ignorance simple as.

  • @Addyboo419 Chiv 2 would fail even harder cause Mordhau.

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