Generating a dmp file for analysis

  • To help us with analysing your system’s performance or other issues, we may request you to generate a process dump and send us the results! Generating a .dmp file can help us understand what’s going on with your system.

    1. Download & install Microsoft’s Debug Dianostic Tool from the Microsoft Download Center

    2. Launch the game; if you experience a game freeze or other issue, launch the debug tool

      • The diagnostic tool will show you a list of processes


    1. Click the top of the Process Name column to sort, then find TBL.exe

      • If there are two processes, choose the one that takes up the most memory
    2. Right click and Create Minidump

      • We may request you to Create Full Userdump; if so, we will contact you with a method to send us these larger files.

    0_1496193005789_image (2).png

    1. It’ll tell you where it put the .dmp file, just send that file to us, along with DxDiag if we don’t already have it.

    Post a thread in the support section of our forum!

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