Catapult and Ballista funny

  • I noticed that the character model shrinks dramatically when operating Cat/Bal.

    Making it harder to shoot from a distance, also when killed on cat/bal the animation countinues making the round a dud 4 the next user.

  • I thought you were going to write about the freaky arm glitch; it’s funny as hell to look at in third person (or if you view somebody else). I’ve managed to kill a few people when spazzed out like that, although that’s probably down to the enemy doing a double-take when they see me.

  • These are actually bugs they intend to fix.

    I jsut wish I could stab on the Catapult and be launched, or cause it to explode point blank like in AoC and kill the guy shooting it. I did manage to blow up the Catapult once by some type of glitch.

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