Alchemancer Melee Sword - Workaround

  • This issue should no longer occur as of patch 1.5

    If you played Mirage during the Beta, you may experience a bug where the Alchemancer’s melee weapon (a magic sword) is missing when you spawn into a match.

    While we have prevented this from occurring to new players, we are working to fully resolve this issue for all players. Until it is fully fixed, you can use this workaround to correct it yourself.

    1. Exit Mirage

    2. Navigate to this folder;

    3. Delete the Game.ini file

    4. Launch Mirage

  • I have to say the steam profile backgrounds for Mirage look very rushed and to dark, infact lack luster .
    If you look at the Alchemancer trading cards eg the Tinker (Foil), Taurant (Foil), Mirage: Arcane Warfare Trading Cards
    even Alchemancer on his trading card has sinews and definition, muscles , even vipress is great but the backgrounds are
    incredibly to dark, lacking details. Considering such great artwork in the maps and theme, I really expected profile
    backgrounds to reflect this kind of detail as mentioned in the trading cards. It would be nice to see those improved
    perhaps in the future. If you don’t believe me just enter profile background in mirage ie Alchemancer and Tinker
    paper but what ever you enter they all look to dark let alone lack of detail. btw I have 4 backgrounds for mirage atm.

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