Mirage: Arcane Warfare - Patch 1

  • This patch focuses on fixes for crashes, gameplay & menu bugs. Special Edition and Pre-order items/perks have been sorted into their proper versions. Read on for full patchnotes:

    0_1496336416394_bl gameplay.jpg


    • Updated animation timings
      • Taurant adjustments, stab adjustments
    • Widened parry box
    • Fixed parry into parry
    • Reduced initial damage for Disintegrate beam
    • Reduced Pronged shot damage from 60 to 45 per fireball
    • Increased interrupt time from 0.8 to 0.85
    • Increased Heal grenade cooldown from 16 to 18s
    • Can no longer stack Heal grenades

    0_1496336377495_pink bug fixes.jpg

    Bug Fixes

    • Crash fixes
    • Fixed missing customization items and gray skin on character models
    • Preorders now have Bygone helmets only, while Special Edition has everything else + Bygone
    • Healing well gives the caster experience points
    • Default button is visible on the Settings > Keybind screen
    • Fixed parry animation not playing when used in interrupt
    • Fixed interrupts animation during noninterruptible states
    • Abilities no longer disappear when other players join/leave
    • Vote kicks disabled on servers with less than 5 players
    • Personal VO will no longer show up in chat when chat is turned off
    • Irrelevant hints removed
    • Vote kick widget goes away when it’s admin canceled
    • AltStab, Customization and Showinputmapping key binds are removed
    • Fixed victory/defeat music playing simultaneously near end of match
    • Fixed torn portal images
    • Serverbrowser filter fix
    • Camera no longer appears under the map after first match

    0_1496336315512_ktur known.jpg

    Known Issues

    • AMD GPU drivers may crash (recommended turning down display settings, gore, ragdolls and blood if you’re affected)
    • Ribbon particles may not always display
    • Alchemancer sword may be missing if you played in the Beta. Follow these instructions to fix it until we can fully resolve this issue
    • Serverbrowser sometimes overreports the number of players in the server
    • Gore mesh or customization items may appear to stretch on death and dismemberment
    • Items may take some time to load in the customization menu
    • Items may take some time to load when spawning for the first time
    • Camera may appear to be under the map when first loading into a match
    • Dismissing a resolution change will not revert your display settings to previous selection
    • Bones of the Bygone Helmet displays the incorrect thumbnail image in the Customization menu for Vigilist but shows correctly on character

  • Patch 1.5

    This small patch improves customization load times and fixes the missing Alchemancer sword; never take your mage into battle unarmed again!

    Bug Fixes

    • Alchemancer melee sword will no longer disappear
    • Improved customization load times

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