Class balance & bug fixes

  • There’s a severe balance problem with the classes :

    I ) Tinker is too strong : melee is the fastest in the game for primary weapon, and on par with vypress’s primary. Secondary has very long reach for quite a fast speed. And this class is supposed to be “trapper centered”, but people just mostly use it to charge into the melee. And they’re right to, because it just shreds everything.

    It has 160 health, which is 15 more than the Vypress (dedicated melee character).

    It’s also a very small target so it ducks and dodges many attacks where the vypress, supposedly “agile” character, can’t.

    Mobility ? With kickflip, it’s on par with a vypress’s grappling hook.

    And the worst may be that obelisk + bubble combo : the idea is good, but since the audio cue is completely unpredictable (you can never guess when it’s gonna explode), you’re mostly doomed to certain death once you get into the bubble, unless you get lucky with a parry (again, sheer luck since the audio cue doesn’t tell you when it’s gonna blow)

    II) Vypress : To be honnest, it’s my favourite character, but being “cool” doesn’t make it good.

    It has the worst ranged attacks in game.
    1st ranged attack does 23 to 46 (if extremmely well placed with rmb) dammage, which is a joke. It’s extremmely predictable and takes a long time to cast, with a long reload time

    2nd ranged attack… 28 dammage and no interrupt.
    Oh, it can stack ? Yeah sure. Just try and wait long enough to have a stack of three. And then they still need to hit their mark : these projectiles are extremmely slow and go into a goddamn arc.

    Sure, the vypress is supposed to be a “mobile melee character” and not a distance character but… Taurant ? 100 attack giant boulder. Vigilist? 80 dammage buldozer shield. Alchemancer ? Well, obviously a ranged character with many powerful ranged options. Tinker ? Ranged is replaced by super powerful traps. But just in case, she can still pull you to herself or trap you from afar in a bubble that will attract attention to you and you’ll be reduced to shreds by the ennemy team as soon as it pops. And even the healer has better ranged attacks. (Thank god you nerfed it a bit)

    Her health is extremmely low. And her “mobility” doesn’t make up for it since:

    • Taurant can have a super long distance charge that pushes and dammage anything in it’s way (and can be aimed up as well) or very high leap that then creates and AOE on the ground

    • Alchemancer and healer can fly (magic carpet is probably the best mobility skill) and teleport

    • Tinker (which is supposed to be a trapper again) has a charge stab AND an equal mobility power

    • Even Vigilist, the so called “slow tank” has a two jumps that aren’t that different.

    And once again, the melee is really not that good for a supposedly “glass canon character”. It’s more like a “glass banana” really.

    It’s nowhere near as good as taurant’s (extremmely hard hitting) or tinker (faster, longer reach, very similar dammage, if not better for slashes).

    And to keep that edge only mobilty, vypress HAS to get the dash + grappling hook combo, otherwise it becomes some kind of sitting duck, and it’s still one of the worst characters for 1 versus multiple ennemies fights.

    I know Vypress was too powerful in the first alpha, but you kept nerfing it until it got pretty useless. Surprisingly, most of the players that heard my arguments were agreeing with me in the in game chat, wheras I expected people to say “nah, vypress is ok”. Usually, people hate cool looking characters with a passion until they get nerfed.

    The amount of skill required to be as good as the other players while playing vypress is huge.

    III) I think the only classes you managed yo balance correctly are vigilist and alchemancer. They play specific roles, feel good to play without being overpowered.

    Taurant is nice as well but many would argue that he’s just too damn strong and requires too litlle skill.

    Entropist is… Well, people don’t really use him as a healer. And the grenades are ridiculously bad compared to the healing well now that you nerfed them to death.

    Same goes for the taurant block vs the punch. I mean 100 dammage on a short cooldown versus… A block and a push ? Really ?

    PS : I already made a separate report but never got an answer back but PLEASE correct these bugs, it should be easy to fix and should never have passed release anyway.

    1. Make mousewheel clic 2 and 3 (the mousewheel sideclicks on razer naga epics, for example) bindable. It was in chivalry, and from the very start. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be in Mirage too. I use it for alt slash and alt overhead, and it’s pretty frustrating not be able to do the same in Mirage.

    2. French players with AZERTY keyboards can’t use the emote keys because you mapped to keys to an absolute value instead of a position on the keyboard (the 1 2 3 4… etc keys in Azerty are primarly used for special characters, and “shift” activatres the numbers)

    3. While using the numeric keys for emotes, the game won’t recognise you’re doing it and will override it with the other bindig if it’s bound to cast spells / other actions

    Basically I’ve pretty much played this whole game without being able to use a single emote, and whole country you sold your game to lacks a game feature…

  • @Wolfseven Thanks for the feedback.

    We are aware of the issue with AZERTY keyboards. I do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved, but it’s on our list to fix.

  • Great !

    What about the biding of sidescroll buttons on gaming mousewheels ?

    Also, I’d love to hear a developper’s opinion about the points I made concerning class balance.

  • @Wolfseven I’ll put the request in for bindable sidescroll buttons and will pass your balance feedback onto our game designer; he may or may not comment here.

  • Banned

    @Wolfseven hey, I aslo wanna know about the sidescroll buttons on gaming mousewheels. Is here a developer give a opinion from their side soon?

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