Few Idea Suggestions

  • Loving the game so far, a few things i would like implemented (apologies if they have already been discussed) are as follows:

    -Server favourites
    -Server history
    -To be able to choose what weapon set you spawn with
    -To be able to put in a TK kick count (so after so many tk’s you are auto kicked)
    -Ranking system to be clearer with titles added to your char if preferred
    -A map in game
    -Projectile speed of arrows and crossbolts to be increased
    -More combo’s

    Just a few things generally to help smooth the game over. Apart from those things, keep it up guys! :D

  • 1, 2, 3 are already in the game.

    Ranking system is clear as hell. It’s a number, that’s it, nothing more.

    A map in game? We have 6. If you mean a Mini-Map, that’s immersion breaking, though AoC had one, I could never see the use for it.

    They already increased projectile speed and may do so again, but as is, Archers are destroying everyone now, do they really need a buff?

    More combo’s? How so? You want to take more skill away from the game?:P

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