Mirage Free Weekend on Steam - June 8-11

  • Developer

    Hey guys, we’re doing an actual announcement of this on Wednesday but we wanted to get the word out, with Steam’s permission but minus the fanfare, so that current Mirage players are aware with plenty of time ahead.

    • Mirage will have a Free Weekend on Steam from Thursday June 8 at 10am PDT to Sunday June 11 at 1pm PDT
    • There will be a 10% discount, which continues to run until mid-late June
    • No price drop is planned for the Free Weekend, nor would it be possible in any case during the launch period (this is a Steam rule)

    We would appreciate it if veteran Chivalry / Mirage players “play nice” with new community members, to help support the game long-term. We hope to play with you all online, on Thursday onwards.

  • ops. I wasn’t arguing with that reviewer but his dates did not match up. Plus I have to say if the chiv vets could lay
    off simply steam rolling new players in bases as squads of Taurants be that great former maul knights or not
    you have nothing to prove be nice for a month a challenge to vets from Chivalry . Plus I won’t post this announcement
    in my groups until after TB has posted it on steam at the time they choose tbh nps.

    about time we get a free weekend ill try and get some people on. It would help soooo much to get it on the front page of steam I know that might not happen. Also I will get and help new players I won’t stream roll everyone like I do.

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