Mirage: Free Weekend runs June 8-11

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    Mirage: Arcane Warfare gets a Free Weekend on Steam running June 8 at 10am PDT to June 11 at 1pm PDT.

    Starting June 8, visit the Steam page to play instantly. Plus get 10% off if you decide to buy!


    Watch the Free Weekend trailer:


    Post-launch support for Mirage continues with further patches as well as a major content update coming in July.

    Patch 1, released last week, focused on minor bug fixes and issues. Read the full patchnotes here: https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/27737/mirage-arcane-warfare-patch-1

    If you haven’t played since Alpha or Beta, you can review all our patchnotes here; https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/27579/patch-notes-megathread

    Content Update 1 brings new maps this July

    Mirage’s first major content update brings two new 3v3 Arena maps, new abilities, plus more details to come soon.

    Enter “The Pit”

    Beware of the exploding geyser in the center of this map, a sunken pit under the blaze of a hot desert sun. Prisoners are thrown into this arena to fight to the death, for the entertainment of their captors.

    Emerge victorious in “Old Arena”

    Located high in remote mountains, battle in this crumbling, forsaken gladiatorial arena with a twist. Avoid falling through the collapsed floor or risk losing your limbs in a death trap of painful wooden scaffolding!

    Stay tuned for more information prior to the release of Content Update 1.

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