Larger TO games

  • I feel this game is in a pretty good state, what it lacks is the large scale chaos feeling from chiv. 6 v 6 TO is just too small and I think that’s why you see the 10 v 10 team deathmatch servers fill up first. I would love to see 10 or 12 man teams in TO or even more. Ranged abilities might have to be nerfed a bit to accommodate the larger battles but those are what brought me back to chiv for so many years. Also when teams are so small it’s very easy for one side to become stacked. That’s usually what empties out the servers, and quickly.

  • Hammertime makes good points. Time flies I recall mr hammer when he was a rising level 5 on a server
    when I was sipping tea in spec. He was culling them all .

  • @Hammertime we are looking into this for the future, but 10v10 TOs will not be available for this week’s free weekend.

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