The red thumbs are rising for negative reviews

  • The fact is they are shooting up fast & it’s just the weekend is not even over tbh. I won’t be reviewing your game
    until next month myself. After this weekend I suggest a holiday for the staff of 1 week in view of the hard work they
    put into this project paid for by tibby with a bar tab on the company sheet, unlimited off course hehe.

    It doesn’t help when payday2 simply up and declares 5 million copies of game are free, annoying
    as I paid for mine but they did that on the same day as your free weekend launch .

  • I’d like to see Jim Sterling review Mirage tbh.
    Forget that, I have just seen the tipping point reached it’s gone from mostly positive to mixed now. Infact the negatives
    are catching up so fast I suspect by Monday it will be the Dominating reviews.

    After reading so many of the top utube game reviewers are from England infact I might pop along for earl grey tea with some. My advise for TB, get a holiday come back refreshed in Late June , well let this weekend past first though.

  • Judging by the reviews it’s safe to assume a very small niche player base will be left.
    My advise switch to all 10v10 tdm servers for now TB. Make the 12 slots for clans
    usage only for newly formed ladders and leagues run by TB with prizes. meaning
    you take the pain out of running a clan by providing 12 slot servers for clans for free.

    This might take off. Advertise clans wanted to fight in a ladder or league with good prizes
    for winning clans.

    Also players who fancy a 6v6 can still jump on a server but clan usage comes first
    clans will form specifically for these kinds of ladders , leagues. structure and infrastructure
    is key. ie you could have a Taurant only ladder teams and even a 1v1 league / ladder

    potentially you made a comp orientated game so the 12 slot servers in place thus
    start to organise a few ladders and leagues with announcements in both Chivalry and mirage
    for clans both new / old / to forward a team or teams. Lets not forget it has voice chat plus
    now players can jump on discord servers game overlay, even on discord voice channels designed by TB
    for that purpose… What are you waiting for TB
    back to Oz for now my cant tear myself away mode for that show.

  • @Wilt You shouldn’t be able to leave a review when you haven’t bought the game yet.

  • True but then Most Gamer’s leave good reviews for a purchased game esp over $28 or pounds.
    Even if they think its trashy rather then admit it and look like a complete idiot to friends or not.
    The free weekend should leave reviews is that it? What about all of those I noted increase in
    received free product, not the free weekenders. Reviews or not the game playerbase is now
    11 today.

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