game is crashing / no log saved

  • game is crashing, wanted to try to play on freeweekend night but 2
    crashes in 2 hours. I didn’t get any error info it just went to windows. First
    it was when i entered portal and second time just before someone attacked me.
    Graphic setting were minimal. No saved\logs in this catalog. win7 64, radeon HD
    7870, 8gb ram, i7-2700K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs)

  • @Alamar Thanks for sharing your Dx9 workaround!

  • yes but it doesn’t helped as i though so still you should try to fix this problem, many amd cards/drivers users have it. It was working twice for 2.5h and it looked like it will not crash and i exited game but after starting it again it was crashing again like before in 30min. almost always it crashes in 30min (multiplayer game is unplayable this way and it even punish the team in which user is crashing ingame for some time it just standing na dying)…

  • @Alamar We are not ignoring this issue, but we are still working on it; it appears to be an Unreal Engine 4 issue. If the Dx9 workaround will help players until it is fixed, that’s what we’ll recommend doing.

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