Key binding issues.

  • I am trying to bind keys as per my liking on my mouse. I use a shield on the left hand, so would like to bind block/parrying to LMB. While the sword being on the right, would like to bind it to RMB for attack (Much like Skyrim).

    Anyways after I done just that and nothing more, all the movement keys automatically gets binded to either LMB or RMB. I am still not complaining because after that happens I simply have to bind all the movements keys again to WASD, LShift, space for jump. etc and save.

    Unfortunately it seems the keys bindings are not being saved should the game crash (which happens often on the sever list menu). I am not sure if the key bindings are saved should I normally exit and start the game again, something I never got a chance to look at, because the UDK.exe crashes are unfortunately quite rampant. To me it literally happens 5 out of 10 times on the server list menu. Now grown tired to bind keys over and over again, because after a crash all key bindings are reset.


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