Love the game, but where are the players?

  • I had a blast with this game over the free weekend and already miss the full TDM and TO servers. Now I can’t even find a populated AR server.

    It really makes me sad to see the hard work you guys put in to craft this beautiful game only to have no one play it.

    What on earth happened, and what are you going to do about it?

    My suggestions:

    • Free week, including two full weekends, like Titanfall 2 is doing
    • Reach out to content creators on Twitch and YouTube with free copies for them to give away to their communities; I just started streaming and have thought about doing a giveaway on my own but TBS would do well to lead the way on this.
    • Enable matchmaking during this time
    • Reduce price if at all possible, that’s the number one complaint I hear (I know Steam policy prevents this for new releases, but perhaps you can add a discount for owners of Chivalry?)
    • Implement team auto-balance
    • Reduce downtime between matches

    Thanks for listening and I hope to see some new blood soon!

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