In-depth challenging co-op gamemode idea (unnamed)

  • Men were abducted from their homes and forced to fight to “preserve” all of humanity.
    The Agathian Knights and the Mason Order thought that if they teamed up together their army would destroy the Estrians once and for all. They thought wrong. The combined forces of both the Masons and the Agathians were not enough to defeat them.
       Their army broke, and the survivors became scattered. The leaders thought that their world had no hope, and gave themselves up to the enemy.
       Left leaderless, you and fifteen others will attempt to survive a vast mountain range full of ancient warriors that will try to kill you. You will attempt to find the other survivors and team up to fight the King of Estria, And hopefully, defeat him.

    •The first half of this gamemode begins when 64 players are present.
    •You will all be placed in large battleground with a castle (that is inaccessible until the end of the second half), with a large mountain range circling it.
    •Bots will appear over each mountain, and will just keep coming until the time is up.
    •You will attempt to kill as many bots and get the least deaths possible in the amount of time given. (15 or 30 minutes).
    •The top 17 players (Judged by how many kills you got subtracted by the deaths. 40 kills and 11 deaths would equal   29 points. Etc.) will make it to the other half of this game mode.
    •The player with the most points of anyone becomes the King of Estria. The other 16 will become the “scattered” survivors.
    •The survivors will all be spawned on different mountains with the weapon you finished earning your place in.
    The king will spawn in the throne room of his castle, (with the class and weapons of his choice), which is in the middle of the mountain range.
    •You must try to find as many other survivors as possible without getting killed by ancient warriors (bots). The bots will spawn randomly.
    •When you die. You’re out of the game, and can only spectate.
    •Once you think you’re ready, you can try to take on the king, who will have 8 high skill level bots guarding him.
    •The king will be a normal player, but he’ll have three times as much health as the class he chose.
    •There is no time limit.

    ~In the first half you will keep respawning, but in the second, if you die. You’re dead.

    Bot info:
    ~All bots except the ones guarding the king are Man at Arms with a broadsword and a wooden buckler. (The ones guarding the king can be any class).
    ~The bots will not look like normal knights, it will look like their armor was made of black or brown cracked stone.
    ~The bots you play against to earn the chance to play the second half will have the same skill level as regular bots. But the bots guarding the king will be about twice as skilled.
    ~The bots you fight against in the second half of the gamemode will not attack you if your back is turned, they will only attack if they can see your face.

    __This gamemode currently has no name. Feel free to leave a suggestion.
    __This isn’t an actual gamemode. It’s an idea.
    __The chances for this to be added to the game is slim to none, but if they do add it, it should be more of an end game gamemode.
    __Flaming is welcome. I appreciate all feedback. ;)

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