Killing Floor 2 collaboration with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  • My suggestion is for a joint collaboration of both games like TB had with that bank robber game , I forget its name
    or the other games they joined with. IE I noted when firing up sdk that Killing floor has the same map maker as chiv.

    My suggestion is for the Chivalry Long sword or any sword, to be in Killing floor even with a medieval map
    plus masks or a sword from Killing floor 2 is in Chivalry , I noted they have a sword we have . plus 15 of my
    friends play killing floor 2 ie chivalry players so its worth suggesting to Tibby and mr hayter plus tripwire is it?

    When time allows off course or on parallel but even assets could be shared later down the line of workshop who knows.

  • @Wilt Tom Banner

  • They can do it again quite easily, they even have the same udk/sdk maker which I discovered recently when
    map making in Chivalry and killing floor2. They need one of Tb’s medieval maps exported to killing floor etc
    at least a year has passed. The ground work will already be in place, the contacts etc

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