Mirage TDM Group (unofficial)

  • Hey everyone, made this group the other day to try and get a collective of people looking to populate TDM games. It seems like there have been a lot of gripes about population – sometimes it takes a little while to get a game kickin’ full-scale. My proposed solution; communicating & hopping on at the same time with w/Steam invites .

    Mirage has been my game of choice for the last couple of weeks without playing anything else over Steam. The other day I went through and added every single recent player, maxing out my 320 player friends list. I’m finding that as I kick invites to friends, and total random strangers they’re hopping on fast joining in. Usually the player count will snowball until the server is full.

    My idea was to create this group where if you join, you can anticipate being invited to Mirage games as well as freely invite members in the group. It’s a public group & anyone can join it. The only solicitations allowed in the group are game invites to Mirage. Plus this can help you avoid all of the awkward “who are you?!” conversations from spamming friend invites to strangers like I’ve had.



  • Well good for you starting a group. Also on the subject if any Euro players wan’t to hook up for games they can jump
    on our group here & also arrange games in any mode http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MirageArcaneWarfare

    A fully working discord channel is also available https://discord.gg/JYQeexm

  • I’m getting a lot of interesting things here
    Thank you

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