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  • @Addyboo419 to happy start with you

  • @KNIGHT-0f-NIGHT Just ignore him. He has the mentality of a 10 year old. pissing people off gets his socks off.

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri lmao funniest thing I’ve read all day

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri you took the words right out of my mouth :)

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    @KNIGHT-0f-NIGHT because you are 10 lol

  • @Addyboo419 said in EAST IS BACK!!!:

    @AST-I-Hitokiri lmao funniest thing I’ve read all day

    Funny cuz it’s true, No?

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri funny because you’re trying to get my attention through talking shite because I was killing you on chiv earlier and you’re still salty af after it

  • @Addyboo419 i wasn’t salty at all nor did i say that because of all of us pissing about earlier on ffa xD

    Actually according to Benkei after you left he told me you was chatting shit about me and AST so when i wasnt taking any of it seriously…who’s salty now?

    and i believe you also killed Me, Benkei and Angelofdeath with your siik potato connection.

    to quote Jake Bennie “Get tae Fuck”

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri oh gad here come all the lies and over exaggerations lmaooo, me and Angel are friends and we were in a party with benkei so yea you’re right I was killing them out of salt fucking genius!

  • @Addyboo419 What was a lie? and what have i over exaggerated about? Hmm?

    Or are you just Grasping at straws to justify your intolerable, Childish Behaviour. SMH.

    Also Fuck off, You have no friends and thats your own doing. Not a single person wants to be associated with you. You’ve said multiple times that you have no friends so “Angel’s your Friend” Next joke.

    P.S I never said you was killing anyone out of salt :/ making assumptions again i see. All I’ve done is called you out on being a dick towards everyone for no legitimate reason. But don’t worry you can always fall back on the “You’re a liar” Claim in which you pull from your arse. every. god. damn. time.

    Also another point is you don’t get people like me calling you out all the time is purely on the fact noone can be bothered to deal with you. Everyone would rather stay on your good side then be bothered having your scrawny Ass After them. Basically you’re a nuisance, You’re the equivalent of a Dog at the table. Just fuck off already lol.

    In response to your next reply: Yes, a paragraph, Deal with it.

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri yea because benkei wouldn’t lie or anything No, you absolute nonce. I don’t care if no one likes me on that game lmfao if you seriously think I care you need to get a life.

    You’re the one to talk about having no friends, I’ve saw your Facebook, lmao you’re the definition of no friends, Not to also mention you weigh about 7 stone soaking wet, bit ironic haha could prob be blown away by the wind if it was too strong.

    You’re literally turning into cancer now by starting arguments over the forums all the time and trying to trash talk lmao so pathetic and you’re like 21 as well like honestly go get laid.

    Most of the kids or people in the game can’t take a fucking beating without whining and starting shit like honestly if you’re offended over this game that easy or want to start losing friends or start real arguments honestly jump off a bridge and rot in the bottom of the river because that’s all you’re worth (saying this In general not to you)

    I’m not salty nor do I care about the game in the slightest, I actually have a life to get on with and chivalry plays a very small role in it believe you me. People try to start shit with me all the time on xbox and this when I reply with just 1 word answers and it’s starting to piss me off when runts like you try to talk down to someone or act the lad to try bring someone down like grow a pair because it’s fucking pathetic mate.

    Only people I actually care about on that game and value as actual friends are a very small amount of Americans and EU people, No more than 4, I gave actual fucking friends and have more to do with my life now than fucking write big fucking useless paragraphs on the forums and act not salty when you know you’re a salty rat.

    Half of you have no fucking brain like honestly think and do some research before you start talking shit, I’m fine with this rant and any scrawny fuck who tries to start shit with me or writes big paragraphs to me about all this false shit you’ll either be told “lmao” or “die”, that is All, if anyone else is thinking of replying to this except for that absolute rat who claims he isn’t salty then fuck off as I won’t be reading whatever utter useless garbage you have to say.

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    Lmaaoaooa now i wait for the triggering to begin.

  • @Addyboo419

    1. No i weigh 12 stone and i’m 6’3.
    2. I just turned 20 xD

    I’m not salty in the slightest. i haven’t even got angry in roughly 5 years lol, I’m as chill as it gets. You on the other hand hahahahaha.

    You’re pathetic mate you beg for pictures of people to fuel your salt and better yet so god damn salty you put peoples facebook pictures as your xbox profile pic. Are you so god damn insecure about your wimpy ass you activily Search for others to make to ‘Attempt and Fail’ to try make yourself feel good about yourself. its Not my fault your parents dont love you enough to give you moral support xD

    so…No, you’re one to talk about salt.

    i never said you cared about people liking you :/ You’ve made this apparent on here so many times. I’m just saying don’t say you have friends on chivalry because it’s laughable.

    Mate ask anyone who knows me, i play chiv for a laugh i only got into competitive because people took me seriously not the other way around. i made AST to train others and have fun in this community and ive done just that.

    Stop making excuses for your lack of likeable traits. if you have no friends on chiv your friends in real life are low as fuck xD

    as for “getting laid” and “Go Out” i own a pub, Play football and i got laid when i was “14” But lets stop with the 10 year old jokes that kids make because they’re actually virgins themselves.

    Stop making assumptions and making things personal because your 10 year old mentality can’t handle the truth. let me spell it out for you: YOU’RE. AN. UNLIKEABLE. CUNT.

    P.S if you speak so low about chiv players how comes you’re still here? Fucking Moron…No im not offended. I’m offended to know your irish, My irish side is cringing. Ew.

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri going to ignore the rest of that irrelevant shite but one thing you said is that “I’m insecure” lmfao mate I bet you’ve never even touched a girl besides your mum in your life, alot of people on chiv follow me on insta and even you put a photo here, you’re an ugly cunt who’s a stick so don’t talk about how I look lmao I’ve absolutely nothing to hide

    I’m still here because I like to see what every says about the game and the salts going on how fucking stupid are you? Could your brain not comprehend or think of that? Bet you dropped out of school when you were like fucking 16

    Seriously like just face it that you’re a nobody and always will be friendless, like you’re nothing but a shit starting cunt Shut the fuck up

  • @Addyboo419 Hahah To quote you in snapchat “Only normal looking people in this group chat”

    Fuck off, You’re more hypocritical and Two Faced then you try to make SP4CE C4KE look.

    You’re pathetic xD Honestly just get perma banned on the forums already. TB are lenient with you. You start shit on a daily basis.

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    @AST-I-Hitokiri if I didn’t want banned i wouldn’t be saying all this you absolute retard, did you figure that out yourself? Yea not a big paragraph to write now because you’re a nobody, a nothing who gets his kicks out of shit talking people younger than him and acting the nice guy, get the fuck mate lmao go get laid

  • @Addyboo419 “Bet you dropped out of school when your 16”


    You’re Fucking dumb xD School finished at 16 when i was in school numbnuts i went to college afterwards.

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