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    This guide will help you in reporting a collision bug, whether it’s a spot where you get stuck or a hole in the map.

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    It’s important to provide us with enough information to locate the bug; if you give us a zoomed-in screenshot and say “fix this”, that’s not terribly useful information and we’ll spend more time asking you for more information than we would in fixing it.

    When providing info, please include a screenshot (or even a video) that allows us to see where the collision issue is located in the map and circle it in Paint or otherwise highlight the problem spot. You can drag and drop a screenshot directly into your forum post or provide a link to the screenshot in your your Steam collection.


    MapName: to-Battlegrounds
    Location: 1st Agatha Spawn barricades
    Issue: Stuck spot when trying to walk across top of barricades from right-side to left side

    0_1498758296973_sample location screenshot.jpg

  • Map Name: TO - Cove
    Location: Second Mason spawn barricades
    Issue: Stuck spot when trying to walk out of the spawn in the middle of the barricades.


    0_1499199493512_Spawn II.jpg

  • @NotSoapNick This issue has been logged.

  • Irilla has 2 that I’m aware of, sorry on phone so can’t link pics. First one being a rock that you can walk through on first objective that causes the objective to auto complete, and the second being a way to get into the defence spawn on the last objective, you can jump on a box to get out of the map where you can then walk around the walls to get to the spawn

  • @PANDA7 Irilla has 3 different first objectives. Really going to need those screenshots.

  • Mod

    Map: TO - Citadel - first stage

    The ballistae often become bugged and as an attacker you can’t fire at the palisade because they twist in strange directions.


    Also on Citadel, you still have the mass crash bug where about half the players on the server suddenly get a cmw.exe crash. It’s been happening less than in the distant past, but I still see it.


    MapName: lts-Mines
    Location: Lava
    Issue: Players can throw a fire pot near the edge of the cliff, run into the fire and then immediately jump into the lava. Only the fire will damage them but they will get no damage from the lava resulting in walking inside the lava while no one can get to you unless you do the same.



    MapName: to-Drunken Bazaar
    Location: 1st Mason spawn on top of the structure
    Issue: Run off, get damage



    Location: 2nd objective near Agatha spawn (see screenshot)
    Issue: Walk forwards get stuck, you can only walk around it or jump over it


    Location: 2nd objective near Agatha spawn (see screenshot)
    Issue: You can walk inbetween the rocks but most of the time you hit the spots which are indicated by the red squares


    Location: Towards 2nd objective tunnel (see screenshot)
    Issue: Invisible wall, keep left= okay, keep right= bloody nose


    Location: Towards 2nd objective catapult (see screenshot)
    Issue: After you got up the stairs its most certain you’ll run into this piece of (furniture you’ll hit your little toe on)


    Location: Towards 3rd objective (see screenshot)
    Issue: Invisible wall



    Location: 4th objective Agatha spawn
    Issue: Mason can enter Agatha spawn by jumping on the barrier


    Location: 4th objective Agatha spawn
    Issue: Mason can also enter the spawn by jumping from the stairs onto the barricade


    GLITCH? Works as intended

    Location: 5th objective, capture forward spawn
    Issue: Not sure if this is working as intented but I am 75% sure it is not. On the screenshot you see the barricade I have broken (just hit barricade a few times). This allows me to skip the forward spawn and go on to the next and final stage of the map.



    MapName: lts-Stoneshill village
    Location: Hill next to Mason spawn
    Issue: Players can jump from rock to rock to get on top of an area that’s blocked by a barricade


    MapName: lts-to Stoneshill
    Location: Mason spawn 1st objective
    Issue: Players can get inside Mason spawn by running! and then jumping! in the middle of the barricade. You can “feel” the rough edge where you can jump ontop of.


    MapName: lts-to Castle Assault
    Location: Stone bridge on border of the map
    Issue: Players can jump down on a rock, shoot arrows or hide from the enemy



    MapName: lts-Stoneshill village
    Location: Any house you can walk into
    Issue: Throw torch at the roof, walk inside, if you stand still inside you won’t burn


  • Mod

    Map: TO Belmez - 3rd stage

    When attack must burn the granary and push the cart, archers can get onto the roof and they are impossible to attack by melee players.


    Also, there is no forced respawn when the flags are planted on the wall so defending archers often stay on the wall and fire down into the attacker’s spawn and they can’t be reached.

  • @random428 Citadel ballistas and crash are both logged and we now have a cause for the crash. Logging the Belmez issues as well.

    @Didymus thanks; logging those issues.

  • There’s a lot of these, but I had this one by chance. I’ll try to actually document these now that I know somebody might actually look at them.

    This one’s on DF’s last point when a part of the wall gets broken by a catapult.


  • Mod

    This post is deleted!

  • Mod

    Map: TO Belmez - final king vs king stage

    If the first player on Agatha (attack) presses Page Up to pass on the kingship, the second player immediately dies when spawning in as Feydrid. I’m not sure how often it happens or what else is required to trigger it, but I’ve seen it multiple times. Here are two examples:


  • Mod

    Map: TO Hideout - first stage

    Next to the steps outside the attacker’s spawn you sometimes find archers hiding in the rock:


  • @random428 @Stoop-Kid I have logged those issues.

  • Mod

    Map: TO Shore - last stage

    There is a big rock structure in the middle of the path down with an ammo box at the bottom. Archers always find a way to climb up out of reach. I don’t have a vid of the path up or better info right now.


  • @random428 The ammo-box is key here, once you get on it from the sides you can get anywhere.



    MapName: to-Darkforest
    Location: 1st objective Agatha spawn
    Issue: When Mason reach their objective, the gates (gates that block off first stage) go up and you can use it as an elevator to walk on the walls


  • BUG

    MapName: lts-Castle Assault
    Location: all ammunition boxes (3)
    Issue: All ammo boxes have a cooldown of 4 seconds instead of the normal amount (i believe it’s 20 seconds)


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