Steam launch options

  • I would like to see some steam launch properties commands, they work in many other steam games (not only source games)

    like :
    -novid : removes intro (torn banner and UDK logos)
    -sw windowed mod
    -w 848 -h 480 weight/height
    -noborder remove borders from windowed mod

  • Developer

    We’re a UE3 game, so the standard UE3 command line arguments work, including:

    -resx=1280 -resy=720 (set resolution to 1280x720)
    -windowed (start in windowed mode)

    (If you want to remove borders, right now you have to go into UDKSystemSettings.ini, and set Fullscreen to FALSE and Borderless to TRUE, as well as setting your ResX and ResY. We’re going to add this option to the Video Options menu at some point)

  • nice !
    Actually i am most interested in removing the intro logos after launching the game.

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