Help… thinking of buying chivalry.

  • Help… thinking of buying chivalry.
    If my computer ever crash, will i have to buy the game again. If so, can you make it were i can buy it off a dice. I rilly whant the game but i dont whant to buy it over and over… I have computer problems. :(

    think you for youre time.

  • I’m not really sure what your asking but this is the wrong thread.
    I don’t know of any PC games that you would have to repay after your PC crashes. If your PC has problems then it might not be a good PC to even handle the game. If it really has bad crashing problems why would you want to deal with that when trying to play a game?

    More info needed

  • sarry and thinks. Its not that its a bad computer, its jest time to time ill get a viris or get haked and need to rebout and start all over.

  • The answer you’re looking for is: If you buy it on Steam, as long as you have your Steam account, you can install it over and over again.

  • Try these free programs… “Antimalwarebytes”, “spybot search and destroy”, and my favorite “Trojan Remover” These are the only programs I use and I never have a problem.

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