Frame rate Issues with High-end hardware

  • My specs are:
    MSI laptop
    Windows 64bit
    Intel Core I7-2670QM
    Memory: 16 Gigs Ram
    Nvidia GTX 570m

    I run every game on the market on maximum settings, i play battlefield 3 online with no lag ping related issues, but when i play Chivalry i lag a lot when i’m in close combat and it makes the game very unplayable, i don’t know what is the issue i tried performance/lag help section with no success.

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    stat unit

    What are the numbers it’s giving when you’re having performance issues? Can you post a dxdiag.txt ?

  • Are you playing on 50 or 64 player servers?.. I have a 670 and get fps issues there… On 32 player servers it’s 60+

  • When i play on servers with 12+ lag is horrible and impossible to play
    My frame rate and other numbers given range from
    42 FPS
    23 ms
    Frame: 25
    Game: 14
    Draw: 19
    GPU: 22

    When in close combat it drops to
    10 FPS
    55-100 MS
    GPU: 33-50

    i rounded all numbers to avoid decimals

  • Never had any issues with the Unreal engine (Unreal tournament 3, Red Orchestra 2) knowing its been around for years and is fairly stable, i’m guessing it’s the games issue and ill be waiting for a patch.

    I’m not complaining i understand that the game has been recently released, but if anyone knows of a solution let me know until then i’ll be awaiting patches.

  • Here are some attachment files

  • I’m always in the 40-60 fps range, no matter how many players or what graphical settings I have, was expecting a lot more with my gtx680 but hopefully future updates will optimize it :)

  • I have found the solution given by CrustaceanSoup: “you might have luck by going into Power Options in the control panel, and switching to High Performance.” It did the trick i have 40+ fps on all servers including 64 player.

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