What could we do to improve game from reddit

  • Anyway My idea is to reduce the game to One Model. At load out screen you choose the male or female then into the
    type of class, ie ability then lastly onto any skins your earned or purchased. Basically once you pick your character
    the rest of the attributes to that class are added , sort of like a big loadout. This reduces the need for 5 other sprites
    each with its own routines and code… One model does it all. As for class imbalances after that vanguard saga
    it’s worth saying the game shouldn’t be ruled by taurants or the other op class. I noted actually warning you in beta
    taurant trolls were even steam rolling spawn bases and maknig videos , bragging of how they pissed of so many
    players a day .

    My last suggestion is you not only take advice onboard by experienced gamers of many yrs but acknowledge it also.
    Or the future will be a short on for TB imo.

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