Love, a poem by Addyboo419

  • Banned

    I get banned for saying something about a kid who doesn’t have the forums but when I’m told to kill myself by @KNIGHT-0f-NIGHT that absolute Asian piece of shit doesn’t get anything? Even when me and hitokiri where arguing nothing happened to any of us now this? Gtfo mods and devs do your fucking job right and go get laid you absolute trannies, I’ll give you a reason to ban me you NIGGERS

    Jew jew jew jew jew. Fuck the forums fuck the mods and their shitty job they can all get fucked.

    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 you dumb,fat, emo looking cunt, loose some weight and maybe you’ll be able to shove both of your noses up your own ass instead of everyone else’s you two faced wanna be moderator beta. Ban me pussy, you won’t.

    @Roag you’re the most hateful and biast cunt about who bans people he doesn’t like, kys

    @Reithur how’s life as a fake dev?

    @Xylo get rekt monkey boi

  • Banned

    This message was posted on behalf of Addyboo419, co-founder of the Savage as Fuck Foundation for Chiv players who just don’t give a fuck.

  • Pece out pebblebannedmaster

  • Banned

    @CypressInstinx lol tru but it was worth it

  • @epickillmaster oh I wish it worked

  • Banned

    @redwarrior13 what’s that flaming retard that swings at my back in ffa? I can’t hear you over the sound of you missing me and getting fucked by my cudgel

  • Wow you still weren’t banned? I think the mods are gonna purposely not ban you just 2 make u cri

  • @epickillmaster lol always with that salt, how many hours have you put into chiv to be at just an average level?

  • More Memes :D

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