Votekicking for no reason, toxicity on official CMW servers

  • Good day: “Hello, came to report a player. . I kept trying to vote kick me off a 3v3 lts server and was very toxic. I have screenshots if needed. I reported him to another admin a few days ago.”

    this is the report I put on the steam group in the comment section a few days ago. Well today I got kicked again, same guy. He goes by the name “MonsterBoy”. I just joined a 3v3 LTS server and got kicked by him for no reason. It occurred so many times lately and I think something should be done for real. Apparently he kicked other players as well from what I heard from some steam friends. I have screen shots if needed.

    The admins in the steam group said they will do something if he does it again. He was warned more than once as far as I know. Please do something, he is ruining the experience for many people, with the vote kicking and the foul language.

  • Hello @razorcookie,

    Yes as you say, we are aware of this player’s behaviour and are currently investigating he/she further. As I am sure you can appreciate, it is important to have enough evidence before issuing a global ban from all official servers to someone.

    Rest assured though, should this behaviour persist, that shall be what happens. As annoying as it is for you, it’s helpful to us that you inform us every time you encounter this.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Alright, thanks for the reply. As I said if you need screenshots we will find a way for me to send them.

  • Well here are a bunch of screen shots I took, had to deal with him yesterday again. I tried talking to him myself, all he could say was that he hates my face. He doesn’t even know me. Some of the vote kicks in the screen shots are towards other people, not all against me. He changed his name a few times, MonsterBoy, Jack The Ripper, Sir Lancelot, ŞأГ £αηсęℓфτ.

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