People stacking teams is an issue.

  • Join practically any server, at least any server in the US, at the start of the round there is well over 3-5 and I’ve even seen 10 people on one team before there is even 2 or 3 on the other team. Why is this even possible and how is that fun to play against?

    On top of start of the round stacking, the teams aren’t auto balanced at all it seems. This isn’t fun to play with, and honestly, there is very little being done besides asking people nicely to join a team when there is 2 or 3 more people on the other team.

  • I agree soooo much with this. There should be an auto-balance, but it should still allow friends to play on the same team if they want I think. If they were friends on steam they would not be placed on different team by the auto-balance if they joined the same. Just and idea. And there should be a filter at the start of the game (before the first round) which should lock a team if too many players joins it, so the first round isn’t going to be 5vs9 or something like that.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • +1
    Make some sort of auto balancer that takes friends into account and moves them together if absolutely necessary.

    I know these auto balancers can be frustrating at times, especially if they kick in toward the end of the round (you work hard towards one goal and then you get switched) BUT if properly implemented I think they could help with the stacking issue.

  • There is an autobalance, but it’s currently a WIP, so it’s disabled by default. When the next patch goes live, it will enable autobalance on official servers.

  • Thank you devs, that was a quicker response than I expected and even better answer than I expected. Thanks a bunch, loving the game so far, trying to get as many friends as I can interested as well,


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