Indirect Assist Karma

  • Did you know that Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One” had more career assists than goals?

    I would just like to remind some of you young bucks that your K:D ratio is not all that matters in this fine game we call Chivalry. I am probably on average a 1:1 K/D player, but I can honestly say that the objective team I am playing on will win at least 65-75% of the time!

    How you ask? It’s called indirect assist karma. You don’t get good points for A. getting a knight to chase you around while a teammate makes the kill from behind, B. Consistently sneak behind enemy lines and eat up all the attention of enemy archers, maybe killing one or two in the process, or C. Split from the group, and flank/encircle the incoming enemy to spread them out and allow teammates to annihilate the enemy. HOWEVER, this is where you build that good indirect karma. Your team will thrive if you fill in the gaps, set your teammates up to succeed, and keep the enemy guessing - not being the whore who only cares about kills and will screw over his teammates without a second thought.

    Do people try to kick my stealthy/unorthodox shield-bearing man-of-arms
    character? You bet, usually repeated attempts. But, those who know what it means to play with the good old sport would never vote me out… I am one of the “catfish” of this game that help keep it interesting and make hilarious s*&# happen on a regular basis.

    I am not here to pat myself on the back; just want to provide a different (old guy) perspective to teach some of you younger players what it means to kick ass in this crazy world. Planting a seed, if you will… in hopes that you might take a step back and analyze the kind of player (and person) you are. Every day is a chance to change and be better.

    Look forward to playing with you! Much love.

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