Can my friend run this? (Dev reply please)

  • AMD Phenom(tn) II N870 Triple-Core Processor (3CPUs), ~2.3GHz
    6GB RAM
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 (it has 512mb RAM and Shader 3.0)
    64 bit

    And hes only running on 1366 x 768


    It’d be great if you guys just made the single player training level into a demo so we could test how well it runs.

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  • bump, it’d be great if a dev could reply since this forum is filled with guests

  • Your unlikely to get a Dev for this. However you can get an Alpha tester. So it would be my opinion that your friend should be able to run the game, the PC has plenty of CPU and RAM, however the graphics card will most likely mean it will run with low fps on low settings, probably not over 30. So playable, but not amazing would be my opinion.

  • We were expecting all low settings, but I think he would get frustrated if he can’t atleast break 50fps :\

    Hes in it for the gameplay, well aware it won’t look good. Is there any way to possibly see before he buys it? Is there a free weekend soon? Can we have guest passes?

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  • PsychoAlex is being optimistic at best. That video card is a severe bottleneck. If the game runs at all it will not be an enjoyable experience. Sorry.

  • i run mine with:

    ATI Radeon 5500
    3.2 ghz cpu
    6 GB Ram
    64 bit

    i can play in 1980 x 1080 with all low setting and 40-50 fps

    my guess ? im prety sure he will be able to run it at like 1280 x 768 for probably like 25-30 fps for sure

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