Private Server With Mods + Dedicated Server Problem

  • Hello I have had an issue with chivalry so me and my friend play the game and we decided to make a private match with only the Lightsaber mod and he hosted it fine and i tried joining it would just sit there and not join him we reversed the roles and i hosted it he couldn’t join either it did not even attempt to join i was looking for dedicated server tutorials because in my eyes its the only option to play chivalry with mods together i tried a couple tutorials and here is the logs

    If you can help with our private lobby with us being able to play with mods or the dedicated server any help is really needed

    Also to clarify we did use the command open to try and join eachother

  • @Kenxy
    Have you verified game files via Steam?

    Have you tried port forwarding in your firewall & router? Chiv uses ports 7777 and 7778 by default for incoming/outgoing.

    Is your friend able to use the ping command from Windows Command Window (press Windows Key, type “cmd”) to connect to your IP address?

    I don’t know if the laser sword mod has been for some time. You may have to contact the mod creator.

  • @reithur By any Chance do you know if them ports are the same on Console? i like to optimise my Connection and NAT on games i play regularly.

  • @ast-i-hitokiri I do not know if the ports are the same. You may be able to check which devices (and/or applications?) are using which ports in your router configuration, but accessing this varies by router and is sometimes locked by your ISP.

    Using an ethernet cable rather than XBox/PS wifi is always better for online games and plugging your console power supply directly into an outlet rather than a surge protector may also improve your connection.

  • @reithur Thanks for the help.

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