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  • GTSGaming Game Servers

    we are able to provide 64 slot game servers for Chivalry Fans…
    please note that these servers are located in france…

    visit us at http://gtsgaming.com/members/

    and purchase your Chivalry server today

    64 slot servers only Cost:

    48.00 USD = 29.97 GBP
    US Dollar British Pound

    Visit http://www.gtsgaming.com for other game servers


    Andy Williams

  • Kind of curious…

    You guys are giving out 32 player servers for 9.33 ? ;)

    Also the price of a 32 player server is the same as a 4 man private server, I think someone needs to go back to the WHMCS control panel and adjust their pricing.

  • yep looks like its all locked at 9.33 from what i saw.

  • hi

    all gtsgaming servers are more or less the same price, a 4 slot servers is the same price as a 32 slot server, a 10 or 8 or 20 or 12 slot server is still the same price as a 32 slot server, there is no difference in price its all the same.

    thanks for pointing that out to us, however our clients can have as many slots as they want, at no extra cost as the price is the same, no matter how many slots are choosen by the client.

    kind regards

    Andy Williams

    Why Are We So Fraggin Cheap - Its Because We Can!

  • interesting, too bad you dont offer US locations.

  • I have rented 100 slots with GTSgaming, and all ok, support fast and always try solve any problem :)
    Recomended! ;)

  • **attention! here an friendly advice… its highly NOT recommend to rent a server at GTSgaming. once you pay to rent a server theyll let you down and just ban you. just because they have cheap hardware which cannot handle normal servers. dont rent a server there. they didnt even refund the paid money!

    do not rent a server at GTSGaming! NEVER!**

  • I ordered one of the 32 servers even though I am in the US and it is EU based…I personally get 150 ping or so but it doesn’t bother me. $10 is a deal!

  • hi all

    thank you for your kind notes,

    kind regards

  • Not a way to talk about any sort of customer, let alone in public.

  • @gtsgaming:

    hi all

    thank you for your kind notes,

    please note that this guy NORDAViND does nothing but complain, a right pain in the ass, avoid renting servers out to him……

    kind regards

    see thats exactly how they treat cutsomers. use legit hosters like multiplay, hypernia and such. not this kind of “service” those two amateurs are offering. theyll take your money and wont be able to keep thier promises…

    also GTSGaming is blacklisted on some hostlisting sites.

    GTSGaming its highly inadvicable

  • Please get back in your pram and stop spitting out your dummy……

    on the point of being blacklisted, please show me, as i have know clue of what you are talking about.

    there is alot of game hosting companies who get bad reports from people like you, even those big companies get these reports.

    GTSGaming still continue to supply game servers and continue to keep cumtomers happy with servers, just from time to time people like you complain, and i will let you know thaqt we did have another complaint just like you, and this guy wasnt happy because we would not let him have his cod4 server cracked - (hello i dont think so) and because of GTSGaming saying NO, he complained.

    with regards to @Russ:

    Not a way to talk about any sort of customer, let alone in public.

    its the only way, as i will not let an old client of GTSGaming slander us off, if any customer still has any issues with GTSgaming then contact us via our email to discuss this issue,

    Kind Regards

    Andy Williams

  • AS you can see we have happy clients…… :D @Richi:

    I have rented 100 slots with GTSgaming, and all ok, support fast and always try solve any problem :)
    Recomended! ;)

  • There are other ways of communicating with a previous customer that shows your professionalism, respect and understanding. All you have shown by your responses is that you are defensive and rude. If you solicit good comments(which is what these posts are for) you should be prepared to have negative comments as well.

    Instead of reacting so negatively. Perhaps address some of his statements like the no refund part. Did you refund his money? Do you even have a refund policy? These are all things that you could have addressed and let everyone know what your policies are.

    From your reactions and defensive posture it would be hard to take you seriously. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

  • I agree. I was going to dismiss Nordavinds comments completely. His text gave me the impression that he was just a bad overly entitled customer. The response from GTSgaming made me question this initial impression. GTSgaming should have just ignored the comment entirely or given a more diplomatic response.

  • hi

    Yes i do agree the way we at GTSGaming have answered such negative posts, however the client in question stated to us in an email that he will post nasty comments all over the internet anyway he can, on gaming forums, gamehosts forums, etc, it has been known to us at GTSGaming that he has been targeting our Name, and slandering the name GTSGaming by everymeans that he can.

    this is the reason why we at GTSGaming seem so rude and defensive, its only normal and after all we at GTSGaming are only human, we also will not stand for any bad remarks or name calling, hense slander at the GTSGaming name.

    however just because of this 1 person in question, GTSGaming still remain to sell game servers, and by all means please note that we do not even make any high paying profits like variours other game server hosts.

    The GTSGaming Game Services mainly target all those people who can not afford game servers for a price of £10 - £20 per month for 32 slots, thats why we only charge £5 - £6 per month for 32 slots.
    As once we used to pay over the top prices are selves, thats proberly why we started to host game servers back in march 2012, so that anyone is able to afford and rent a Game Server.

    i hope this ends the comments in question to the post, and slandering off GTSGaming.


  • No offense but why are you renting 64 slots servers when the servers/game cant handle it ? I joined a GTS 64 slots server several times and everyone had 400+ ping lol.

    Sounds like a scam to me.

  • gi

    sorry i should of stated in the post that the servers are in france, we have several players in france who have reported good pings on the 64 slot server,

    we are not trying to scam anyone…

    perhaps try this server and see if your pings are still the same… GTSGaming.com :: Gameserver


  • Thats not what i mean, in the browser i have less than 100 ping but when i join its completely unplayable and everyone shows 400+ ping, i know its not me because everyone whines in the chat and leaves, every 24/32p server works perfectly.

    Im pretty sure its not possible to play with 64p in this game so thats why i asked, i’d love to be proven wrong, please show me a playable server that has 64 players, i dont mean a server with 64 slots, i mean a server WITH 64 players.

  • I have a 100 slot with gtsgaming and is true that we have a problems, but they help us a lot and the tecnical service are very good. Now the servers is running good.

    They have good offers, I do not know if 64 slots servers will be run well but we have a multiplay 100 slot split in 32/24/16/12 and most of the time are perfect.

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