i'm sorry for having to ask a question that might have been answered before

  • first of all i want to say that i just bought the game Chivalry medieval warfare for my XBOX ONE and immediately feel in love with the game, especially with the trash that has been released in the past idk five years anyway, i did some research and found out that there was a sequel called Chivalry deadliest warrior battlegrounds, so i went to the xbox marketplace and only found something called deadliest warrior legends, with some dlc called joan of ark, from the look of that game and the look of images and videos i have seen of deadliest warriors battlegrounds i could tell that they were different games, so i went and just googled deadliest warriors battlegrounds and bought it on microsoft’s webesite and it is not showing up on my xbox one…whats the deal? is it just not out on xbox one yet, are they seperate games all together?? sooooo confused if someone, anyone could assist my noobness in this delihima i’d be very greatful

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT ISN’T THE SAME!!! REFUND DAT BS. the deadliest warrior dlc was only released on the 360 and ps3 and was never brought into the the next gen but be glad I doubt anybody would even want it on the new gen even on PC its pretty poopy. I had played it a long time ago on 360 and when I thought normal chivalry was a cash grab, deadliest warrior surpassed it by miles. However that game you got is different and is not the actual dlc. If the game did have DLC you should see it buyable with the game (assuming xbox works similar with ps4 marketplace). That also explains why you can’t see it. so unless you have a 360 you just wasted your money.

  • well, now that means i’m going out to buy a xbox 360 and another tv…i guess? i bought DW: battlegrounds from the xbox marketplace that had it advertised as if it could run on the xbox one…

  • 0_1501656435053_20170802_004426_1.jpg bam…help???

  • lel get rekt

  • i’ve contacted both companies …i just want to make this like happen or know if its a slip that it is happening or…what?? i need answers

  • @ch3shyrzombie757 wait wot? if your contacting sillyvision you won’t be getting any answers. Microsoft will be too busy throwing money in the air over your calls. hue so either way looks like its all ogre 4 u

  • i bought both the xbox 360 deadliest Warrior games way back when i was on 360. They are fun but they are totally unrelated to Chivalry or Chivalry DLC.

    As for Asking them: A member in this community TastierCornet3 already Asked Activision 1 year ago and they said they had no plans to add the chivalry DLC. So sorry to tell you but it’s not going to happen mate.

    The game you bought is a backward compatible game i play from time to time. If you want to play “Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior” Play it on PC. But Beware even on PC the DLC playerbase is apparently low.

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    @ch3shyrzombie757 save yourself and uninstall the game and remove everyone from your friends list who plays the game before it’s too late

  • @Ch3shyrzombie757 This guy is right. Do all of that immediately.

  • @cypressinstinx You Can Say that again!

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