Taurant GreatSword Animation Feedback

  • Hi all, please post your feedback on the Taurant’s greatsword in this thread!

    We’re looking for feedback on animations in particular.

    1st person view, alt-pose into alt-slash is very abrupt, seems to jump the distance into windup with no transition.

  • @reithur Disjointed, in a nutshell. Can’t really nail down anything specific, but it reminds me of Tinker’s animation problems, only slightly more so. Know that isn’t too helpful, but yeah. Seems like hitboxes lead or lag the actual sword itself.

  • Are they saying Taurant actually now has a greatsword like the op vanguard class in chivalry?
    edit: having just checked this its true? Considering the van is the most op hated class in chivalry
    due to its stupidly faster, longer ranged swords plus glitchy hitbox and speed, it really seems
    bizarre for some brain to actually now decide hey lets give it to the Taurant the most hated op
    class in mirage prior to great sword . if you hadn’t figured out why so many left mirage due to
    the op taurants simply base stomping esp if 2 chiv vets, let alone dragonix’s stupid videos
    bragging of pissing off players using just that then I take my hat off to you tbh.

    One could almost believe you are the most clueless or just being mislead by beta folk , who knows.
    Going along your lines then Alchemancer simply should have a small sword plus be able to fly
    all the time with no constraints then. This might bring an air of respectability to that class as its
    horribly under powered in combat let alone its abilities seem to just bounce of other classes as they
    causally walk up to kill them hehe.

    get rid of alch teleport, replace with flying no stamina loss.

  • @wilt So you’ve clearly not played any, but you make unfounded assumptions on a feedback thread? And you wonder why the Chivalry community is notorious for being a toxic cesspool.

  • I have played tbh, plus i have over 150 hours in beta I thinks, As I got a refund after release to once again get the game
    my hours won’t show on my current mirage. I believe if you checked the beta hub I have many videos also as just alche
    So my assumptions are quite valid thank you. Let alone my chiv hours

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