The reason of most 'thumbs down' in steam chinese region-pls check and fix it.

  • So im a chinese player, just purchased the game and had a hour game exp. The game is good and i went to write a comment in steam. but many chinses players gave bad comments. One is because theres not enough players which is not easy to fix in a short period. But another major reason is beacuse they saw the game has Chinses interface but they couldnt find it inside the game. I searched and know which we need to add “-culture=zh-Hans” to swich the interface into chinses. But most of chinese players dont know. Wish the official can anounce it clearly and save the repu of this game to gain more and more playersXD

  • @yhnf thank you for your feedback. We have heard that other languages are not activating when they should be, so we believe it is a bug.

    The language is supposed to change automatically if there is a matching language on the player’s PC; what system language do you have set on Windows or Steam?

  • Developer

    Hey YHNF,

    We’ve found the cause of this issue and will be fixing it in our next patch. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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