Farewell to Reithur

  • @ziggylata That’s actually not true tbh. Captains don’t stay with sinking ships. Plus I doubt the Ship is sinking at all.
    They are a tough bunch you know at tbs

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    @didymus said in Farewell to Reithur:

    For Reithur:
    I wish him all the best in the future. He was a blessing for this community. He did a job which was not meant for one guy only but he still managed to make the best out of it. Thank you Reithur!

    Not for Reithur:
    This leads to another topic, which is ofcourse the strange and sudden way for this goodbye. It seems like Tornbanner is restructuring their business, why did no one tell us and what is going to happen with us now? Please do not make the gap between the community and Tornbanner bigger. We are not all bad guys, do we really deserve this.

    We aren’t really planning any big changes community-wise. We all lurk around here and will be putting a more of an effort across the team (not just one person) to be more active across the various communities we have. If you feel like there’s a gap growing, do let us know. At the same time, we probably won’t respond to each and every thing being posted or discussed. Got games to make!

  • What do you expect tbh as usual they answer some new player of a few months but ignore the rest of the community’s
    questions. Also Reddit seems to have a lot of disdain at mr R’s departure as he was heavily entwined in various groups
    you lot at TB might have actually cut your support base across the board down considerably tbh. What does that even
    mean got games to make hehe. I request you make a shooter with actual guns and bullets plus strafe moving .

    Take a break from this melee stuff atm. let the upcoming inferior meleee games have a bout then come back later
    to rescue us from the dire pit of clones of your original Chivalry aye.

  • Reithurs gone, then I’m done playing this game. Take away my shit please.

  • @playerhayter Gap in any of the communities? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  • @burritowarrior beautiful imagery. really shows off the immersive experience that is Overwa- I mean Mirage.

  • Farewell to Reithur. I’m glad to see that there have been other community members such as himself to step up and help. I wish him well in his future!

    Cough cough Does that mean the position is open? Cough cough

  • Good luck, Reithur. You were always super helpful and willing to work things out with my dumb videos and other community stuff. I wish you well on your future endeavors.

    It feels like we’re in kind of a weird place atm regarding TB’s future and their games…

  • Reithur now that you’re not working for Torn Banner anymore, can I get my hands on those parry-box diagrams I requested through Maul Cop about a year ago? I don’t understand why he got to see “privileged information” that he couldn’t share with anyone, when I was the one who asked him about it.

  • Er to be clear I don’t understand why the parry-boxes aren’t public information to begin with, but if they’re so “exploitable” then I don’t understand why certain individuals close with you get to view them while others don’t.

  • @pilgore Weird place = Everyone is leaving TBS behind for Triternion / Mordhau lmao. They screwed up.

  • @burritowarrior I don’t think that’s funny at all, I think it’s sad state of affairs. Who from Torn Banner has actually joined Triternion though? Or are you just making things up?

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    @pilgore “sad state of affairs” aka didn’t listen to their community and playerbase and I personally think the moderating was fucking terrible, multiple people have agreed it’s biased as fuck and it is honestly. It’s a well deserved state of affairs if I’m honest

  • @pilgore What are you on about? I’m talking about Torn Banners non existent community that they’ve barely acknowledged for years

  • @addyboo419 Oh fuck off with your “didn’t listen to the community”" snowflake tears. When you say “community” you are talking about a tiny, tiny niche little club of people of an already small player base. They listened to the majority, which isn’t you. Cry me a fucking river. I’ll give you the moderation fail, but that’s it.

    @burritowarrior Nah, you were making claims TBS people were leaving for Triternion and was “laughing your ass off” at people potentially losing their jobs on a game they’ve been working on for over 2 years, and I asked you who did.

    Torn Banner hasn’t acknowledged the “competitive community” (because really, that’s what you’re talking about here) for years because it’s rotten and garbage to the core. Of course they don’t want to talk to you people, you’re walking trash bags.

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  • very unusual tbh but I was under the impression he is local to you in canada, he might pop over and shove a sock
    in your ear still attached to his boot hehe

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