Crash/Ultra Crash

  • i do not understand this game/engine whatever i have an r9 270 direct oc it was dead until i rebaked it played all other games fine like gta online 120 fps med/high settings and then i try to play this god forsaken game and as soon as i get into main menu i tried to join a game boom my graphics card collapsed the game isnt that requierment intensive but i still dont understand why that happened i am sorry but i wont try to play this game again because i dont want my graphics card to die and for those of you who think i dont meet the requierments can go suck a big one i have an ryzen 5 1600x, 8GB ddr4 rams and an r9 270 direct OC 2GB ram edition.
    and yeah i got the game for free.
    P.S: oh and yeah i would love to play this game but as of my problem i cant
    P.S2: the game fried my card for good thank you developers
    I appreciate it alot and that is no joke my GC is actually dead because your stupid game thanks again and good bye.

    copy paste from my steam review…
    i hope you can understand where im coming from…

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