U.S. Servers are bugged [Build# 77567]

  • I got Mirage when it was free, and everything was honky-dory. After a few hours, i joined a random U.S. server and noticed that my load out was reset to default and i was rank 0, but i was rank 7. i checked other U.S. servers and they’re suffering from the same issue. All my cosmetics and weapons were set to default, but i was gaining XP without knowing what items i unlocked(before the bug, i would see what’s new on my inventory.). The other issue is that i can’t get new weapons, i played a few matches, checked my inventory, and no new weapons (the only weapon i unlocked was a Vypress scimitar, and even though i would have weapons equipped; when i would join a server, my weapons and customization would be default.). Maybe because the horde of people joining Mirage because of the “F2P” might caused a bug on the servers.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Hopefully this will be fixed. Keep up the awesome work TB!

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