I am gaining rank, but not xp nor rewards

  • For past two days I have not been gaining XP nor Level up rewards after matches, but my rank is going up. Few of my friends also experience this. I understand it could be a bug, but since i gained like 10 levels (and more in the future), that’s a lot of rewards lost. It would be nice if I could have them.
    Also, none of the cosmetic gear applies when I join a match, it is all default (while I customized everything in character customization).
    I acquired this game for free on 6th Sep.
    I verified game cache. Restarted game many times.

    My specs (even though I’m not reporting technical issues here):
    AMD Athlon x4 860k, GeForce GTX 750ti, 8gb RAM.
    I have no log file as none was created.
    Contact me so I can disclose my steam profile details if required.

  • I was just about to post about these issues too.Everything you said applies to me too.I was wondering if the problem was coming from me but I guess I’m not the only one that experiences these so now I’m pretty sure its a bug,both the rewards-rank part and the cosmetic gear one.

  • Developer

    This is related to the following issue. We experienced much more traffic than expected during our Steam Free day.


  • Thank you for the information. Do you have plans to compensate for level up rewards that are missed? Or what is your solution?

  • @x3mslayer You are getting credited for your experience during this time. You can actually see your level increase in the menu screen, at the bottom right. I haven’t been shown to get any xp for two days now, but I’ve gone from level 50-60 in that time.